Elijah Stansbury (1791-1883): An Old Defender

When he died in December 1883 Elijah Stansbury was one of the last of the Old Defenders’ of 1814 that had served in Maryland during the War of 1812. He was the sixth child of Elijah Stansbury, Sr. and his wife Eliza Eckel, born in 1791. His early years were as a bricklayer and later a successful builder.

Elijah Stansbury was one of six brothers who fought at the Battle of North Point, Sept. 12, 1814. and who served as a private in Capt. John Montgomery’s Baltimore Union Artillery, 1st Maryland Regiment of Artillery. The company was in the first forward skirmish along the North Point Road prior to the main battle ensued. A second skirmish resulted in the death of Maj. Gen. Robert Ross .During the m Battle of North Point the Union Artillery’s four guns were situated in the center of the American lines on the North Point Road. His father had remarked: “I had seven sons under arms the day the battle of North Point was fought, and I would rather see all of them weltering in their own blood than to hear that even one of them had shown the white feather [of cowardness].”

Afterward the war he was appointed colonel of the 27th Maryland Regiment which also served at North Point. He served in the Maryland Legislature from 1843-1845 and three years later was elected as Mayor of Baltimore (1843-1845). A biography of his life by Archibald Hawkins was published in 1874 entitled The Life and Times of Hon. Elijah Stansbury with interesting accounts of his early and later years. Upon his death on December 19, 1883 at the age of ninety-three. the belfry bells of the city tolled and flags were lowered to half-mast. A member of the Episcopal Church he was buried at Baltimore Cemetery in east Baltimore.

Sources: The Life and Times of Hon. Elijah Stansbury, an “Old Defender” and Ex-Mayor of Baltimore; by Archibald Hawkins (Baltimore, John Murray, 1874).

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