General & Staff Officers of the 3rd Division of Maryland Militia, Sept 1814.

The following are the names and positions of the staff who served under Major General Samuel Smith (1752-1839) in the Third Division of Maryland Militia during the defense of Baltimore, August – November 1814.

Isaac McKim (1775-1838)  Aide-de-Camp.  a native of Baltimore was a prominent shipping and business merchant  who served as General Smith’s aide-de-camp (Chief-of-Staff) coordinating  his division staff. He later served as Director of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (1827-1831) and three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1823-1838).He is buried with his wife in Old St. Paul’s Cemetery, Baltimore.

Edward Patterson (1789-1865) Aide-de-Camp. Served under McKim as aide-de-camp assisting to coordinate the staff duties. He was the brother of Elizabeth Patterson who married Jerome Bonaparte. Brother of Napoleon Bonaparte of France.

Jonathan Meredith (1785-1872)  Division Inspector. His family emigrated to Philadelphia  c. 1750 from Herefordshire, England and settled in Baltimore as an attorney. Jonathan’s duties as Division Inspector was to inspect, investigate and reports on all matters affecting the Division’s efficiently, discipline, and welfare. He is buried with his wife Hannah Haslett in the Westminster Churchyard, Baltimore.

William Bates (1787-1871) Assistant Adjutant General. A graduate of Rhode Island Brown University in 1810, moved to Baltimore as lawyer and served as military administrative officer to Isaac McKim responsible for procedures affecting personnel and procurement records. In 1820 he returned to Wareham , Massachusetts in state government. Died November 8, 1871.

Robert Patterson (17_- 18_) Assistant Division Inspector. Unknown bio.

Jeremiah Sullivan (17__-18__) Division Quarter Master. Unknown bio.

John Smith (17__-18__) Volunteer Aid. Unknown bio.

Nicholas Price……….Special Judge Advocate. Unknown bio.

Robert Holland………Secretary to the General. Unknown bio.

Brigade Commanders

Brig. General John Stricker…………..3rd Brigade, Baltimore City

Brig. General Tobias E. Stansbury…11th Brigade, Baltimore County

Brig. General Thomas M. Forman….1st Brigade, Harford & Cecil County

Source: Baltimore City Archives (Maryland State Archives), War of 1812 Papers, RG 22.

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